Just wondering if its possible to move workspace positions in Ubuntu 18.04. For instance you might have:

Workspace 1 - 2 Terminal windows
Workspace 2 - Chrome browser window
Workspace 3 - Some IDE (e.g. VS code)

When you hit Activities overview, can you can drag/move Workspace 2 above workspace 1? It would form this:

Workspace 1 - Chrome browser window
Workspace 2 - 2 Terminal windows
Workspace 3 - Some IDE (e.g. VS code)

Using macOS in the past I found this feature very useful. I know you can move individual windows across workspaces using shift+ctrl+alt arrow keys. It becomes a chore if you opened all you windows in Workspace 3 and decided you want all of them at Workspace 1. Anybody know any shortcuts you have found useful when positioning in workspaces?

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