i am with Ubuntu 18.04.1
Is there a way to change the Orange Color in the below Image? its GDM3 LockScreen.

enter image description here

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I could change the color by trail and error method and found the way as below.

open gdm3.css file
1. sudo nautilus /etc/alternatives/gdm3.css.
2. go to line number around 1707

.login-dialog-user-list {
  spacing: 12px;
  padding: .2em;
  width: 23em; }
  .login-dialog-user-list:expanded .login-dialog-user-list-item:selected {
    background-color: #dd4814;
    color: #ffffff; }
  .login-dialog-user-list:expanded .login-dialog-user-list-item:logged-in {
    border-right: 2px solid #dd4814; }

3. change the color in the filed "background-color: #dd4814;" #for example if i need black color i will put #000000
4. Save the file and close.
5. Results will be seen after a reboot.

enter image description here

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