I have just installed Ubuntu 18.04 and proceeded to install several programs. One of the programs, Gitkraken now has 2 icons when I opened SHOW APPLICATIONS while other installed programs are not showing at all. So my questions are:

1) How do I remove duplicate icons in Show Applications? 2) How do I add an icon in Show Applications?

FYI, I have checked /usr/share/applications and there is only one gitkraken.desktop. So I am not sure why I have 2 Gitktaken icons in Show Applications. Any insight on how to solve these 2 issues will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Is there anything in ~/.local/share/applications/? – pomsky Jul 31 '18 at 4:47
  • I got similar problem. ~/.local/share$ find . -name "chema" found 4 copies of ./applications/DbSchema-[0-3].desktop. Thanks for Pomsky. Why don't you post this as an solution? – Kemin Zhou Nov 28 '18 at 19:46

Per Pomsky's comment, I had four identical icons for the DbSchema program in my "show applications" panel. Going into $HOME/.local/share/applications I indeed have four copies: DbSchema-[0-3].desktop.

rm DbSchema-0.desktop DbSchema-1.desktop DbSchema-2.desktop

Solved my problem.

/usr/share/applications my have similar mechanisms.


After upgrade from Ubuntu Mate 19.04 to 20.04 I have received issue with double icons of network-manager in the tray.

According to answer of Kemin Zhou I have check my $HOME/.local/share/applications folder and I found there 3 files: mozo-made.desktop mozo-made-1.desktop mozo-made-2.desktop. I have removed files: mozo-made-1.desktop mozo-made-2.desktop and then rebooted the system and my issue with double netwok-manager icons was resolved.

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