I was following this link to install anaconda in Ubuntu 18.04.1:


When I tried to download anaconda using curl using the following command (which downloads the latest version of anaconda rather than the version shown in the link):

$ curl -0 https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/Anaconda3-5.2.0-Linux-x86_64.sh

I got the following weird text in the terminal which continued to spew out for several minutes:

enter image description here

Afterwards "c62;c62" was displayed repeatedly in the terminal (but I did not type it)?

Anyway this all seemed to be very weird so I hit ctrl-C to cancel the process?

Is this normal?
Is not should I take any corrective measures regarding this?

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    That's curl -O in the link you gave. Capital O, not the digit 0. – muru Jul 30 '18 at 8:44

That's perfectly correct behaviour as curl by default outputs the contents of the download to the terminal, which is not what you need here, just use it like this:

curl https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/Anaconda3-5.2.0-Linux-x86_64.sh > anaconda.sh

or use the -o flag of curl:

curl -o anaconda.sh https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/Anaconda3-5.2.0-Linux-x86_64.sh

or preserve the full name of the downloaded script by using the -O flag (which is actually what's mentioned in the tutorial you linked to)

curl -O https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/Anaconda3-5.2.0-Linux-x86_64.sh
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    The tutorial mentioned -O, aka --remote-name, not -o aka --output. – muru Jul 30 '18 at 10:31
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    @muru Ah, my bad xD – Amith KK Jul 30 '18 at 10:34

As already noted, your curl invocation is wrong. Moreover, curl does not have to be available in every Ubuntu installation.

However, wget should be available on any Ubuntu since the package ubuntu-standard depends on it. The syntax to download a file is even easier with wget:

wget https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/Anaconda3-5.2.0-Linux-x86_64.sh

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