I try to read my SSD/NVMe temp in my T480. Therefore I want to use hddtemp as it runs as daemon in the background.

Debugging hddtemp I get the following:

sudo hddtemp /dev/nvme0n1 --debug
ERROR: /dev/nvme0n1: can't determine bus type (or this bus type is

If one of the field value seems to match the temperature, be sure to
read the hddtemp man page before sending a report (section REPORT).

Using S.M.A.R.T I can read its temperature:

sudo smartctl -a /dev/nvme0n1
Model Number:                       SAMSUNG MZVLB1T0HALR-000L7

Temperature:                        40 Celsius

Any clue how to get hddtemp get running?



NVMe PCIe M.2 Gen 3.0 x 4 (or 2) SSD

If you have an SSD they're life span is measured in trillions of writes. Your SMART utility already measures SSD life but not for NVMe SSDs. For that you need nvme-cli. To install it use:

sudo apt install nvme-cli

Next gather information available from SSD:

$ sudo nvme smart-log /dev/nvme0
Smart Log for NVME device:nvme0 namespace-id:ffffffff
critical_warning                    : 0
temperature                         : 40 C
available_spare                     : 100%
available_spare_threshold           : 10%
percentage_used                     : 0%
data_units_read                     : 12,539,332
data_units_written                  : 10,623,582
host_read_commands                  : 281,194,884
host_write_commands                 : 96,528,713
controller_busy_time                : 672
power_cycles                        : 1,677
power_on_hours                      : 687
unsafe_shutdowns                    : 105
media_errors                        : 0
num_err_log_entries                 : 279
Warning Temperature Time            : 0
Critical Composite Temperature Time : 0
Temperature Sensor 1                : 40 C
Temperature Sensor 2                : 51 C
Temperature Sensor 3                : 0 C
Temperature Sensor 4                : 0 C
Temperature Sensor 5                : 0 C
Temperature Sensor 6                : 0 C
Temperature Sensor 7                : 0 C
Temperature Sensor 8                : 0 C

The most important field is Percentage used which shows as 0%. This isn't disk usage percent but life used percent. I've had this drive since October 2017 and now it's December 2018. As soon as Percentage used hits 1% I can multiply the number of months I've owned it by 100 to find out when it will die. At the current rate I can say the drive will live 100+ years. Of course it will be obsolete in ten years anyway.

Notice the temperature report.

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