I have Ctrl+Alt+Super+Arrow (down/up) mapped to move window to next/previous workspace in Gnome Shell on Ubuntu 18.04 and until yesterday everything worked fine, but now the shortcut doesn't work any more. I checked in dconf, and the shortcut it is still there.

Every key still works on its own.

I tried to assign the shortcut to something else, but the Settings center doesn't intercept the shortcut when I try to click it.


I found out that for some reason with an update of the keyboard-configuration package (I suppose) for some reason the shortcut alt+shift was assigned to Switching to another layout.

I removed that with Gnome Tweaks:

  • open Gnome Tweaks
  • go to Keyboard & Mouse section
  • click Additional Layout Options
  • Remove the selection from Switching to another layout

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