Is there any way to set system timezone automatically in Xubuntu 18.04? I see that geoclue-2.0 is installed in my system and seem to be properly configured, but there is no "Automatic" option in Date/Time system configuration and in xfce-panel applets (Clock, Weather, etc.)

  • xfce 4.12
  • geoclue-2.0
  • xfce4-weather-plugin 0.8.10

Any points to relevant resources (forum discussions, mailing list threads, open issues) would be much appreciated.

Regardless of your desktop environment, time synchronisation can be enabled from the terminal if it already isn't by using

sudo timedatectl set-ntp on
  • Thanks. Maybe I was not entirely clear, but my question is not about time synchronization, it is about setting timezone automatically according to location information provided e.g. by geoclue, and using this automatic timezone system-wide as well as in xfce panel applets. – Artem Mygaiev Jul 24 at 22:19

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