EDIT: I have filed a bug against this one at https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13570

I have been using a CIFS mount for a while, but recently I have setup a NFS mount for testing.

When I get a df -h from the server side I get this mount in return:

/dev/md1p1       15T  7.4T  6.4T  54% /media/storage

So, I have mounted now the same share from the above host on the client in both CIFS and NFS, but I have ended up with 2 different sizes in used space

//        15T  8.1T  6.4T  57% /media/NAS   15T  7.4T  6.4T  54% /nfs/server

The CIFS mount shows 8.1TB used, but the NFS shows 7.4TB which matches the server itself. Where would the CIFS overhead be coming from?

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