It is possible to compile Visual Studio Code and install it through terminal as explained here and here. Now I wonder, does anyone know how is it possible to install/add extensions to Visual Studio Code through Terminal?


You can get the command line help with

code -h

(A man pages doesn't exist.)

Extensions Management:
  --extensions-dir <dir>                                         Set the root path for extensions.
  --list-extensions                                              List the installed extensions.
  --show-versions                                                Show versions of installed extensions, when
                                                                 using --list-extension.
  --install-extension (<extension-id> | <extension-vsix-path>)   Installs an extension.
  --uninstall-extension (<extension-id> | <extension-vsix-path>) Uninstalls an extension.
  --enable-proposed-api <extension-id>                           Enables proposed API features for an extension.

Hence all you need is the extension-id or extension-vsix-path and then

code --install-extension (<extension-id> | <extension-vsix-path>)

E.g. the ms-python package can be installed by

code --install-extension ms-python.python

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