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I am running Ubuntu 16.04 on an Intel Aero RTF drone and a PC. I am having serious timing issues with the drone after every reboot, so I wish to synchronize its time with the PC's, whether that is manually after each reboot or automatically. The drone produces its own wifi network (without internet access), which the PC connects to.

I have viewed many resources in an attempt to resolve my issue and these are the ones that I have found most useful/relevant:

  1. How to time sync two systems in same network?
  2. "no server suitable for synchronization found" error when trying to run `ntpdate`
  3. Ubuntu Geek Tutorial

After following the instructions in (1), I ran the command $ sudo ntpdate -u <PC_IP> but I get the error ntpdate[xxxx]: no server suitable for synchronization found. I have also noticed that I am unable to SSH into the PC from the drone (however, I am able to SSH from the PC into the drone).

I then tried (2), and added the PC's IP to the ntp.conf file but this made no difference. I also tried $ sudo ufw allow ntp on both devices but this also had no impact.

I found some instructions in (3) that look like they explain what I am trying to do but unfortunately the instructions are unclear and the questions in the comment section have not been answered. If there is a similar guide that goes into a little bit more detail that would fantastic.

I am very new to Ubuntu (and Linux in general), so please keep answers simple for me. Thanks in advance for your help.

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