so I seem to have screwed up some permissions on my Ubuntu desktop system. I wanted to let a newly created user only grant access to one single folder (to run in terminal only one app within that folder).

I stumpled over this threat and recklessly did a setfacl -R -m user:$NEWUSER:--- / Because I thought that user does not need any programs from the amywhere. I did not realize /bin/bash is at least needed.

Now I tryed to delete that user and recreate, but that did not help. And even with another username it won't let me su into that user, because it is not allowed to user /bin/bash.

How can I repair those permissions again? I only need to let that user use a terminal and run a script up and down... >_<

I hope to find help here. Thank you.


Do the opposite:

setfacl -R -x user:$NEWUSER /

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