I'm using Docky version: Release on Ubuntu 16.04 The dock is having very high sensitivity. Whenever I bring my cursor to the bottom of the screen, say, to open up the log cat in Android Studio, it pop's up and covers a significant amount of my screen space preventing me from using anything it overlaps with. I have to take the cursor very slowly to the bottom of the screen every time I want to access something at the bottom. Has anyone else faced this issue? Can someone suggest an easy way to fix this, as I'm new to Ubuntu? Also, I don't want to use other docks like Cairo because they are resource heavy and my laptop isn't very powerful, especially when using Android Studio.


Step 1: Install gconf-editor from the Terminal

sudo apt install gconf-editor

Step 2: Open gconf-editor using the command


Step 3: Navigate to the following folder: /apps/docky-2/Docky/Interface/AutohideManager

Step 4: Set the UnhideDelay value to 500 (note this is in ms)

Step 5: Restart your computer OR Go to System Monitor, select the Processes tab, right click on docky and click on kill. Then restart docky like you would launch an application


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