I get a problem with my Transmission 2.94 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server. I used this guide to install Transmission.

  • I tried different dir on my disks and all give me same problem.
  • I tried reinstall and that didn't help.
  • I tried to edit sudo nano /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json with no help and working on user groups.

On this cmd is this correct?

sudo usermod -a -G debian-transmission myuser

Now I don’t know what to do.

problem indicator

I did edit the path after the picture was taken.

Permission denied (/home/thomas/media/hdd2/ubuntu-16.04.4-server-amd64.iso)

still same problem

When connected to SMB and download with utorrent on windows to Ubuntu path it is successful.


thomas@ubuntu:~$ command ls -ld /home/thomas/media/hdd2{,/ubuntu-16.04.4-server-amd64.iso}
ls: cannot access '/home/thomas/media/hdd2/ubuntu-16.04.4-server-amd64.iso': No such file or directory
drwxrwsr-x 4 thomas thomas 4096 Jul 18 18:20 /home/thomas/media/hdd2


i did tried to edit /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon and set the user to "root" this also gives me error

  • Could you please edit your question to include the output of command ls -ld /home/thomas/media/hdd2{,/ubuntu-16.04.4-server-amd64.iso}? Thanks. – David Foerster Jul 19 '18 at 16:05
  • In case this is a mountpoint: `/home/thomas/media/hdd2/: You can't use a windows partition for this. – Rinzwind Jul 20 '18 at 8:16

The cmd you wrote is gonna add your user to the debian-transmission group. That's correct. However, you need to log out and log back to apply this setting, maybe that's where it went wrong.

Maybe there's a simple folder permission. If it's what I think, here's what you need to do:

(EDIT: new directories)

  • change group ownership of the download folder:

    $ sudo chgrp -R debian-transmission /media/hdd2/tv

  • grant write access for group members:

    $ sudo chmod -R 770 /media/hdd2/tv

  • In settings.json, change the path of the download folder:

    "download-dir": "/media/hdd2/tv",

  • Restart the deamon:

    $ sudo service transmission-daemon stop

    $ sudo service transmission-daemon start

  • 1
    every time i change something i usergroups i do a reboot just to be sure – thomas Jul 19 '18 at 17:47
  • the problem did come back after i did delete the download and tried again so it was a 2min fix – thomas Jul 19 '18 at 18:04
  • Is there a temporary download folder like download-incomplete? What is the output of the following command: ls -l /home/thomas/media/hdd2/. Maybe also add the settings.json file to your original post, there might me something wrong here. – ChuckMaurice Jul 20 '18 at 7:18
  • now i did change the folder to /media/hdd2/tv hoping that would change someting but no luck. – thomas Jul 20 '18 at 8:03
  • settings.json shows that "download-dir": "/media". Set this value to the correct path. – ChuckMaurice Jul 20 '18 at 8:09
"alt-speed-down": 50,
"alt-speed-enabled": false,
"alt-speed-time-begin": 540,
"alt-speed-time-day": 127,
"alt-speed-time-enabled": false,
"alt-speed-time-end": 1020,
"alt-speed-up": 50,
"bind-address-ipv4": "",
"bind-address-ipv6": "::",
"blocklist-enabled": false,
"blocklist-url": "http://www.example.com/blocklist",
"cache-size-mb": 4,
"dht-enabled": true,
"download-dir": "/media",
"download-limit": 100,
"download-limit-enabled": 0,
"download-queue-enabled": true,
"download-queue-size": 5,
"encryption": 1,
"idle-seeding-limit": 30,
"idle-seeding-limit-enabled": false,
"incomplete-dir": "/var/lib/transmission-daemon/Downloads",
"incomplete-dir-enabled": false,
"lpd-enabled": false,
"max-peers-global": 200,
"message-level": 1,
"peer-congestion-algorithm": "",
"peer-id-ttl-hours": 6,
"peer-limit-global": 200,
"peer-limit-per-torrent": 50,
"peer-port": 51413,
"peer-port-random-high": 65535,
"peer-port-random-low": 49152,
"peer-port-random-on-start": false,
"peer-socket-tos": "default",
"pex-enabled": true,
"port-forwarding-enabled": false,
"preallocation": 1,
"prefetch-enabled": true,
"queue-stalled-enabled": true,
"queue-stalled-minutes": 30,
"ratio-limit": 2,
"ratio-limit-enabled": false,
"rename-partial-files": true,
"rpc-authentication-required": true,
"rpc-bind-address": "",
"rpc-enabled": true,
"rpc-host-whitelist": "",
"rpc-host-whitelist-enabled": true,
"rpc-password": "{018b0d1476c793d3b8a88Vppg",
"rpc-port": 9091,
"rpc-url": "/transmission/",
"rpc-username": "thomas",
"rpc-whitelist": ",192.168.*.*",
"rpc-whitelist-enabled": true,
"scrape-paused-torrents-enabled": true,
"script-torrent-done-enabled": false,
"script-torrent-done-filename": "",
"seed-queue-enabled": false,
"seed-queue-size": 10,
"speed-limit-down": 100,
"speed-limit-down-enabled": false,
"speed-limit-up": 100,
"speed-limit-up-enabled": false,
"start-added-torrents": true,
"trash-original-torrent-files": false,
"umask": 2,
"upload-limit": 100,
"upload-limit-enabled": 0,
"upload-slots-per-torrent": 14,
"utp-enabled": true


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