I want to change language layout via CapsLock for the first layout and Shift+CapsLock for the second layout. How can I do this?

For example, I have two input sources in Settings → Region & Language → Input Sources: English(US) and Russian

[image] Input Sources

In gnome-tweaks → Keyboard & Mouse → Additional Layout Options → Switching to another layout: I checked option “Caps Lock to first layout; Shift+Caps Lock to last layout

[image] Additional Layout Options

And then I checked in Settings → Region & Language → Options: it shows me that “Alternative switch to next source” equal “Caps Lock to first layout; Shift+Caps Lock to last layout” but it didn’t work

[image] Input Sources Options

I tried reassign typing shortcuts in Settings → Devices → Keyboard → Keyboard Shortcuts but nothing happens when I press Caps Lock or Shift+Caps Lock. At the same time I can assign other keys, for instance Shift + Alt + {

[image] Keyboard Shortcuts

I also checked the dconf-editor options in /org/gnome/desktop/input-sources/ and it seems that all options are included.

[image] dconf input-sources

  • I have the same problem - just wanted to use CapsLock to toggle the layout (as I always did before up to 17.10) – Diego Aug 22 '18 at 22:29
  • Hey, see my question about exactly the same, it has a working answer! – ulidtko Mar 19 at 14:08

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