I have an old LCD monitor (Dell Inc. 22'') that I am now trying to use as a second monitor to my laptop (Lenovo E460), running on Ubuntu. I would like to see if I can make this monitor less hazy/blurry, with a software that can tweak some adjustments. (It is now absolutely useless if I want to read text on it.)


  1. The text is blurry and it hurts the eyes after only a few seconds.

  2. On the high-contrast regions of an image, a shadow of the darker region would be cast over the brighter region. This could be the reason for the text being blurry.

Current status:

  1. This is connected to my laptop via VGA -> (New) Converter -> HDMI.

  2. My Lenovo is running on Ubuntu, with a built-in display with resolution of 1920X1080.

  3. All window content is set to match with the higher resolution screen (1920X1080 of the built-in monitor).

  4. Using the monitor settings to modify the sharpness/brightness/... of the display did not improve a bit.

A Clue: When it is not connected to any source, the error message on the screen ("No input signal detected") seems sufficiently sharp!

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    I suspect its the convertor; I've had issues like this in the past, and changing cable improved it a fair amount, but I think its the conversion of analog to digital for you. The best you can do (in my unqualified opinion) is to play with resolutions; you may find one that makes the text readable (I did with one thinkpad; looked great on external vga but I didn't like resolution on the thinkpad's screen, so switched external monitors until I found one I was happy with). – guiverc Jul 17 '18 at 1:31

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