This is my first question on this forum, so please correct me if necessary.

We have a number of monitoring servers running ubuntu 16.04,18.04 and nagios and I want to give nsca-ng a try for passive checks. It should be completely compatable with nagios, however when I try installing nsca-ng-server, apt wants to install icinga-common and icinga-core as dependencies. Now I've read about Icinga and it is interesting, but for now not an option to simply replace nagios with icinga. I also don't see why this dependency is there at all since it is a standalone service. Anyone have a solution to install nsca-ng without pulling in icinga (short of compiling from source) ? Thank you.


Answering my own question: I installed without the icinga dependencies:

apt install nsca-ng-server icinga-common- icinga-core-

This works fine. It looks like this line in the configuration file

command_file= "/var/lib/icinga/rw/icinga.cmd"

Is the reason to depend on icinga. That directory will not exist without icinga. Replacing this line with

command_file= "/var/lib/nagios3/rw/nagios.cmd"

works just fine for me. In my opinion it is a bit lazy of the package maintainers to just pull in icinga as a dependency. But that's off topic.

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