I installed Communitheme time ago by the ppa using these commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:communitheme/ppa

sudo apt install ubuntu-communitheme-session

And everything worked fine, I just had to log in Ubuntu Communitheme and I had my Ubuntu icon as the menu icon on the dock(I dont know how this is called sorry)

Ubuntu menu icon in the dock.

But I just had the Communitheme option on apps on the gnome tweak-tool, not on icons or mouse so decided to see what was happening at /usr/share/icons/communitheme and this is what I found

No icon folder for communitheme.

I did not give importance because I am using other icons and mouse but didnt get why it was happening. The thing is this morning when I logged in and updated system my enviromment skin changed

Dock skin changed

And then I discovered that there is a snap package of the Communitheme so I decided to install it and my surprise is that when I logged out and tryed to log in again there were new options and if I log in Ubuntu snap communitheme everything is normal again and discovered too that I have icon folder

Communitheme icon folder

So my question is, why is this happening? Should not be the same installing from snap or ppa?

EDIT 1: Now doesnt matter which session I log in, the ubuntu dock looks like in the screenshot (Dock skin changed), tryed to remove all ppa packages but keeps being the same,and decided to install again the ppa packages because I realized that there are diff things with diff skins if I just maintain snap version, if anyone knows about this I would appreciate it.


The ppa has been deprecated and doesn't reliably build anymore new versions.

Only the snap is the supported documented way and you should remove/purge the ppa and packages that are installed into it to ensure you get the tested and supported stack.

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