I can see other questions about how to disable GNOME keyring for SVN. I have the opposite problem and cannot enable it. I can see answers for other distros, but they don't seem entirely to apply - e.g. there is mention of GNOME_KEYRING_SOCKET but I can't see any sign that it's set.

Here's data about my system and what I've tried:

  1. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  2. svn --version: 1.9.7 (r2800392), reports Gnome Keyring in list of credential caches
  3. ~/.subversion/config has [auth] password-stores = gnome-keyring
  4. ~/.subversion/servers has [global] store-passwords = yes
  5. ~/.subversion/servers has [global] store-plaintext-passwords = no and this setting is working, which indicates I am editing the right config file
  6. Gnome keyring daemon is running and works for both SSH and Evolution

Please can anyone suggest what I am missing or something else I can try?


I figured it out, inspired by a similar issue for an entirely different program.

Ubuntu 18.04 removed a default package that was present in earlier releases. The solution is to put that package back:

sudo aptitude install libgnome-keyring0

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