Is there any resonable reason why the 60 sec delay pops up when I press the shutdown button ?

I press the shutdown button to shutdown, if i want to restart, I just press the "turn on" button when the PC has shut down, that aint hard.

Can I get rid of the delay ? I do not see any reason why it is there ????

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    Start up and shutdown are hard on hardware, especially the more expensive and more powerful systems so the 'turn on after pc has shut down' is a big no-no on a larger expensive systems. I like the delay anyway on the DEsktop; as if I want an immediate shutdown I just sudo shutdown -h now... (have you noticed you have to add the -h to halt the hardware; to force it off! to avoid accidentally turning it off given the potential $cost on larger systems) – guiverc Jul 12 '18 at 13:00
  • In earlyer Ubuntu's you could remove it by typing this in a terminal "gsettings set com.canonical.indicator.session suppress-logout-restart-shutdown true" But it does not work in 18.04 – Kim Borg Nordsig Jul 12 '18 at 14:35

That's built into Ubuntu as automatic protection just in case you inadvertently press the power button and eg, forgot to save a file. To override this, sudo poweroff gives an immediate response as does sudo reboot (restart).

  • "sudo poweroff" will meen that i have to start a terminal. Just want to shutdown nothing else. I would be ok if the popup came, if ther was open windows or unsavet things, but there isn't. – Kim Borg Nordsig Jul 12 '18 at 14:12
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    Even in Windows, it's not recommended you shutdown via the power button other than in emergency, else you could corrupt it. I suppose you could flick the PSU switch if you are that intent on immediate shutdown in Ubuntu. But what's wrong with using the standard shutdown procedure? – Paul Benson Jul 12 '18 at 18:22
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    What's wrong, is just that i have to confirm a task that i just did. When i press the power button i meens that i intend to shut down my computer, not that i need to confirm that i want to shut down.It does not harm the computer, as i shuts down in the exact same way, just like when i confirm i want to shut down. But i have found the solution. In "dconf-editor" i found the setting, that prevents the popup box :-) – Kim Borg Nordsig Jul 15 '18 at 11:16
gsettings set org.mate.session logout-timeout 3

will set the timer to 3 seconds.

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    That's for MATE, not Gnome. If you didn't specifically install MATE, I don't think this is the solution for you. – LinuxDisciple Mar 13 '20 at 3:59

My solution involves the following steps:

  1. Use dconf-editor or gsettings to stop sending the power-off events to Gnome
  2. Create a custom event handler as outlined in the acpi examples

To turn off event handling by Gnome:

gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power button-power nothing
gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power power-button-action nothing

Now to create the custom event handler for the power button (do the following as root):

In folder /etc/acpi/events create the event file. I called mine button-power with the following contents:

event=button[ /-]power
action=/etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh "%e"

The bit in braces is regexp for "space, slash or dash". If you're confident your kernel supplies only slashes you can go with the explicit character.

In folder etc/acpi create the script file you referred to above (powerbtn.sh) with the following contents:

/usr/bin/logger "Custom shutdown in response to event $1"
/sbin/shutdown -h now "Custom shutdown: $1"

Either reboot or send your acpid a SIGHUP and your power button will now instantly initiate a controlled shutdown.

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