I'm currently doing the following process on the Host

mv vm.qcow2 vm.qcow2.bak
qemu-img create -f qcow2 addon.qcow2 +100G
cat vm.qcow2.bak addon.qcow2 >> vm.qcow2

This works, but when I book up the VM it still shows the old hard drive size?


The sequence of commands you've used results in a new image file with the original, un-resized content, and some new content is appended but entirely inaccessible.

In order to resize a QCOW2 disk image, you should use qemu-img resize instead. For example:

qemu-img resize vm.qcow2 +100G

There's no need to cat anything.

Keep in mind that this only changes the size of the virtual disk; you still need to use partitioning and filesystem tools to resize the virtual disk partitions and the filesystems contained on the virtual disk.

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