It first started with Synergy, and then NodeJS, Chrome, Kolour, and now I suspect some system programs have been removed as well since there is no internet connection anymore. The icons of the programs stay in the taskbar, but they don't appear in the start menu and they can't be found using the terminal. These removals happen while I am continuously using my computer, while I wake up my computer from sleep, and also while I boot the computer.

My setup: Dual booting Windows 10 and Xubuntu 16.04 i3-6100 CPU GTX 1050TI GPU Sandisk SSD


~$ dpkg -l | grep chrome
rc  google-chrome-stable                                        
67.0.3396.99-1  amd64      
The web browser from Google
  • Please edit your question to include the complete output of dpkg -l | grep chrome – user535733 Jul 11 '18 at 15:34

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