Is there a package which converts PDF to LaTeX? I have the PDFs created using TeX but I have lost the original .tex file.

Can I retrieve the TeX back from PDF?

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No, that's not possible. Most of the information used to generate the PDF is lost during its creation and only the result is retained (unless you told the TeX processor to attach the source files to the result document).


On the tex stackexchange page you can find this discussion.

A short answer to your question: No.

But there are some tools which can help you to make a tex from a pdf.

  • Use the writer2latex plugin in LibreOffice

  • The command line version can be found on the Writer2Latex page.

  • If you have a lots of mathematics in it, try InftyReader.

  • If you have a pure text document you can simply convert the text to a *.txtfile by

    pdftotext myDocument.pdf MyDocument.txt

    and make a new latex document from it.

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