I followed a recent post from this site on how to setup an openVPN client on an Ubuntu machine. I have a PiHole and an openVPN server running on a RaspberryPi. I did

sudo apt-get install openvpn
sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome

I generated an openvpn client file on my Raspberry Pi and copied it over to my linux laptop via SSH. I then set-up in Network options. I went to VPN, clicked +, double clicked "import from file", navigated to the client's .ovpn file, double clicked "device.ovpn". It then jumped to the VPN set-up with all the fields autocompleted.

When I click VPN then connect, I get a padlock icon in the top right and the wired network icon.

enter image description here

This suggests that it's connected, but all website requests timeout. As soon as I turn off the VPN, all website requests work instantly. I know that the RPi, openVPN and PiHole are working because I have used them all together on my Windows laptop and my iPhone.


The tutorial you mention is not complete, it looks like there is no proper forwarding setup.

I suggest this DigitalOcean tutorial on OpenVPN setup. It is very detailed and works.

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