I'm looking at images in full-screen mode with the thumbnail strip - both gThumb and eog work well, but the thumbnails are very small. So:

  • In eog, I go to [bar menu] > image gallery. The thumbnails seem to be 90px max size. In dconf editor, I found:

    • org.gnome.eog.ui.image-gallery-position - lets me put it on the left;
    • org.gnome.eog.ui image-gallery-resizable - makes it resizeable but a larger size just shows eg 2 columns of small thumbnails
  • Meantime in gThumb, when I view an image in full screen, I again get the thumbnail strip - 95px images. In prefs, I can change:

    • General > thumbnails in viewer - bottom or side
    • Browser > thumbnail size - this affects the size of the thumbnails in file browsing mode, not in full-screen viewer mode

I've also tried various other viewers but they don't seem to have a full-screen+thumbnails view. Any idea as to where the setting may be?


1. gThumb

Resizing thumbnails in gThumb is only possible in Browser view, as you mentioned in your post.

2. eog

I didn't found any hidden property to resize the thumbnail size in eog, too.

So I downloaded the code (eyes of gnome), and found out how to resize the thumbnails. (I think in gThumb it will be similar.)

First you have to download the source code. I suggest to use Ubuntu sources apt-get source eog, but of course you are free to use github.
Don't forget to install library dependencies with apt-get build-dep eog .

Change into the ./src directory and open the eog-list-store.h file with an editor of your choice. Search for the following line:


The number 90 is the pixle size of the thumbnails. Change the value to the size you need, and configure and build eog. You can test the fresh compiled program with ./build/src/eog.

A demonstration that it works is shown below; the left one has a thumbnail-width of 50, while the right one has a width of 150.

enter image description here

eog is programmed to be a light-weight and fast image viewer. I like the design and simplicity. If you think that resizing of thumbnails should be a feature for all, you are welcome to place your ideas on this link.

3. digiKam

digiKam is a professional photo management with the power of Open Source. It's easy to resize thumbnails and includes a database (sqlight, sql, ...). It is really fantastic! You can order your pictures, search, make tags, ... by ease.
You can install it with

sudo apt install digikam*

or download the newest AppImages on the digiKam webpage. Make it an executable and run it!

digikam screenshot

4. xnview

As an alternative to your problem, I suggest you to use xnviewmp. You can install it via snap

sudo snap install xnviewmp

or simply download the app-image at this download-link. Change the permission to executable and run it.

Below are window screenshots of xnviewmp with two different sizes of thumbnails.

enter image description here

Note: XnView MP is provided as FREEWARE (NO Adware, NO Spyware) for private or educational use (including non-profit organizations).

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