I have a Ubuntu server (18.04) that rebuilds itself on a schedule. Every once in a while on a fresh install, all the console text color will be a different color. Usually it's white on black, but sometimes its blue, green, or red (and maybe others, I can't remember). There doesn't seem to be anything obvious to link it to (bad install, etc).

Is the color there for a reason? What determines what color the text will be?

  • To clarify: The color is not just when running ls or another command. all of the text is a different color (even MOTD, login banner, prompt, etc.). – cawwot Jul 9 '18 at 13:56

When you write something in terminal, it's in white. If you use the ls command for showing the content of a directory, each color represents a specific type of file.

Color of files on 'ls' command:

  • Executable files: Green

  • Directory: Blue

  • Image files(jpg, gif, bmp, png, tif): Magenta
  • Symbolic links: Cyan
  • Pipe: Yellow
  • Socket: Magenta
  • Orphaned symbolic links: Blinking Bold white with red background
  • Block device driver: Bold yellow foreground, with black background
  • Missing links along with files they point to: Blinking Bold white with red background
  • Archives or compressed files(like tar,gz,zip,rpm): Red


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