Does Ubuntu 11.10 works on Asus EeePC VX6s? Does all of the features work or what doesn't?


Quoted from Ubuntu Wiki's hardware support:

Asus VX6 Lamborghini

Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Remix

Works great. Havent tested everything but most day-to-day required things worked out of >the box. The Broadcom STA wireless driver, and NVIDIA driver, required proprietary >drivers, but these were easily installed through System>Administration>Additional >Drivers. 720p Video works fine with ffmpeg, havent setup vdpau yet.

Audio output through headphones hasnt worked out of the box (havent tried fixing). >Havent tried bluetooth, hibernate, microphone, or HDMI out.

Install Tip: no need to change BIOS. Insert thumbdrive (with Ubuntu install), press ESC >many times during boot, then select USB.

As far as headphones are concerned, upon installing you might follow the advice I gave here.

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