I would really like to install the nautilus right click photo re-sizer in my Ubuntu Mate 18.04. I had it in UM 16.04 and have been trying without success to get it to show up in 18.04.

Thanks for all the help...

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How to Install Resize Images with Right Click

This instruction follows this tip.

First verify that you have nautilus as file manager:

nautilus --version

The output should be something like Gnome nautilus 3.26.3

Second install ImageMagick

sudo apt install imagemagick

Then simple install the nautilus-image-converter

sudo apt install nautilus-image-converter

When installation has completed, restart nautilus by using the command

nautilus -q

Open nautilus and right click on an image file. Select Resize Images ... and a window should open like the on below.

enter image description here

To uninstall simple type

sudo apt remove nautilus-image-converter

I'm not using Ubuntu Mate 18.04 but this article describes Right Click setup. To summarize:

sudo apt install imagemagick
sudo apt install nautilus-image-converter
nautilus -q # Reloads nautilus configuration

Watch the screen carefully for error messages that may appear under Ubuntu Mate 18.04. There were no errors in Ubuntu 16.04 and two new options appear on the right click Nautilus menu:

  • Resize images...
  • Rotate images...

Resizing an image appears to work perfectly.

  • I have caja file manager. Replace Natulas with Caja and all is good again...
    – Ralph
    Dec 15, 2018 at 22:00

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