I have spent some time looking for a solution, but I just cannot find one taht suits my situation. I have a toshiba notebook with a built-in sim card. Running Ubuntu 18.04 with little hiccups.

About 3 weeks ago, I was able to connect to the internet using the built-in sim card, however, it all of a sudden stopped one morning. When I click on Connect, or switch the mobile data to On, the system attempts to connect for a while, then pops up with the following error:

Connection Failed. Activation of network connection failed"

I believed that this was due to the sim card, so I have replaced it, and am now using one that worked 100% in the past with the same device. Still having the same issue.

I have edited the connection settings, cleared them totally, created new ones, but still no success for now.

I am a newbie to Ubuntu,so any guidance in resolving this would be great.

Thank you

  • I have restarted the machine and inserted the older card. It asked me for the sim pin before logging in, and that is working :) I will test the second current SIM. – Niko Jul 6 '18 at 8:50

Check the SIM Card pins... just because it isn't obvious, make sure they are inputted in the connection configuration screen at the bottom.

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