Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is installed on an ESXi at home. The disk is sda sda1 sda2. However, another Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS installed on Tencent Cloud(possiblily Xen) shows the disk as vda vda1.

I know that usually vd means virtual disk. But why the Ubuntu 18.04 doesn't realize it's using a virtual disk?

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vd* - usually resembles virualization aware para-virt drivers. sd* - provides a SCSI API to the kernel (could be virtio still by e.g. virtio-scsi)

This was answered many times, like here on stackexchange

In your case of ESXi it just means that the disk setup it provides by default considers the disk a normal disk driver not being virtualization aware - maybe similar to the virtio-scsi example above.

The kernel starts with major/minor numbers to names followed by advanced rules how to name devices via udev /lib/udev/rules.d/*. If needed you can extend the latter to get a different result.

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