This does not seems to answer the question: What is the recommended way to install pip on Snappy Ubuntu Core?

It appears that Ubuntu Core 16.04 only has Python 3. How do I get Python 2 if there is no such a snap? This system's rootfs is completely read-only and does not even have dpkg.

The chroot based "classic mode" does not work (or at least, not straightforward), because I am considering to use it in a system service style program that starts with the system. Maybe you think I am using snappy Ubuntu Core in the wrong way, but that is what I have now and cannot switch to a different distro.


Considering you installed the classic environment, this link can give you a clue:


As long as I remember, you can install it using sudo apt-get or even installing Miniconda (with Python 2) for ARM.

Be sure to run:

export LC_ALL=C

... before running pip, otherwise you'll get locale error.

There is a lot of other issues when installing Python libraries. Updating setuptools solve some of them.

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