Files from software installed via snap are read-only. To configure Eclipse, however, we need to change its eclipse.ini file. How to do it so, when pressing the Super key and clicking on Eclipse's logo, it uses the new configuration?

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There are many possible solutions but the my favorite/simplest one is to use Menulibre:

  1. Copy /snap/eclipse/current/eclipse.ini to somewhere you can edit it. Let us say, copy it to /etc/eclipse.ini.

  2. Edit the arguments you want to update[1] and save the file.

  3. Open Menulibre[2]

  4. Search for "Eclipse."

  5. Click in the Eclipse icon.

  6. In the "Command" input, add the --launcher.ini option after the binary path. In our example, we would replace

     /snap/bin/eclipse %U


     /snap/bin/eclipse  --launcher.ini /etc/eclipse.ini %U
  7. Click in Menulibre's "Save" button. I have only tested it on Unity and MATE, though, not sure it is going to work with GNOME 3.

So far, it is working to me.


[1] I, for example, changed




[2] You may have to install it. A way to do it is to use APT:

$ sudo apt-get install menulibre
  • Very helpful answer for ubuntu users
    – Aman Garg
    Feb 20, 2021 at 17:00
  • Apparently, you can simply copy /snap/eclipse/current/eclipse.ini to ${HOME}/snap/eclipse/current/eclipse.ini, where you can edit it, and it will automatically get picked up by the snap. Note, that both current/ subdirs are links the actual version of the snap (e.g. 66/ in my case). You will have to repeat this procedure every time the snap is upgraded to a new version.
    – Robin479
    Dec 21, 2022 at 12:06

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