I have been some trouble using applications that require MIDI like GuitarPro6 and tuxguitar.

These both programs make use of MIDI synthesis. However, I can only listen the midi output when I actually export the files I am working on and can't listen anything when I am just inputting notes as I should.

Any idea how to fix this?


Most applications won't connect their MIDI output to any synthesizer/soundfont you use (same for the MIDI input). That means you will need to instruct the system where it should pass the MIDI data from tuxguitar, GuitarPro6 or anything else. The simpliest way to connect MIDI inputs/outputs is to use aconnect tool - it has GUI frontends aconnectgui and kaconnect (or patchage for larger setups with multiple apps). They are very simple to use and I am sure you will understand them - just connect your apps output to some MIDI synthesizer's (or timidity++, if you use it) input :) Let me know in case of any problems.

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