I am trying to install Ubuntu onto a bootable external hard drive, usb 3.0, but during the final stages of installation where one chooses the device for boot-loader installation the device does not appear. This is being performed on a Dell Alienware R4 and it is booting from legacy mode with nomodeset turned on (as I get a black screen with a mouse cursor otherwise).

The only options presented under device for boot-loader installation are to install onto my internal C and D drives and does not show an option for the external, yet the drive appears in Disks as a cdrom. I have even tried switching usb ports to no avail.

Here is the external that I am using, and below are the configurations made in Rufus:

Rufus Configuration


Try using a separate physical drive, like a USB flash drive, as the bootable medium for installing Ubuntu. A small 4 or 8GB pendrive is sufficient. Boot from this drive and install to your External hard drive.

This problem might be because you are using the same external drive for both.

  • I will try this and get back to you, thank you. – ForeverYennefer Jul 2 '18 at 11:40

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