Here is my problem: I have to remap function keys, so I will go through F1 for now: showkey F1 gives me ^[OP dumpkeys the keymap shows that F1 has keycode 59, and string F1 = "\033[[A"

Alot of the help i have read suggests that i can change the keymap, and use load keys. I was expecting to see string F1 = "\033[[OP". Besides, i arbitrarily changes the string F1 = in the keymap to a random value for test purposes. I used the load key command, the hit showkey and F1, and i still got the original F1 value of ^[OP.

To summarise, I have 2 problems. 1 - Am i using the loadkeys fundtion correctly to load a new keymap? 2 - What have i misunderstood about they keymap i.e. Is (string F1 = ...) where I change what my function key sends?

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