I am running Ubuntu 18.04 with two monitors.

I use the Atom IDE with the atom-python-run package to run the command

 python3 {filename} 

at the push of a button. This opens a new terminal window. However the window does not have focus and is buried under all other windows, forcing me to alt-tab to it.

How do I force the newly opened terminal to have focus?

I tried using dconf-editor to set the focus-new-windows setting in org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences to strict, but it did not solve the issue.


In general, you need to install an extension to eliminate the behavior in gnome-shell, where gnome displays a "Window is ready" notification rather than giving the new window focus. The extension "Noannoyance" appears to be the best maintained, but alternatively "Steal My Focus" or "Focus my window" probably still work fine.

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Updating the Atom package autocomplete-clang instantly fixed the problem. I have no words.

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