I searched a bit but could not find it anywhere. Where do I make it so I don't have to press that Activities button on the top left in order to see my list of apps? either auto hide/show or always visible would be acceptable, but pressing a button is a pain.

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Figured it out, install Gnome Tweak Tool and enable the Ubuntu Dock.

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

Inside the Tweak Tool set-up go into Extensions, then scroll down to Ubuntu Dock.


Ubuntu includes a modified version of a GNOME extension that turns the Activities "dash" into a sort of dock. You should have that installed. Here is how to get at its settings:


However, you may not have it for some reason.

If you don't, you can install the standard set this way:


Alternatively, you might prefer the "full strength" version, which is called "Dash to Dock":


If you install the Firefox addon mentioned in my 2nd link, you can add extensions directly from the GNOME extensions site -- including Dash-to-Dock.

If you do that, I find that a few others significantly improve the GNOME 3 experience. I describe them here:


That may be helpful.

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