I am happy that grep does support Perl Compatible Regular Expressions with the -P option.

Is there a reason why the tool sed does not have this feature?



You can use the Pathological Eclectic Rubbish Lister:

perl -pe 's/../../g' file

or inline replace:

perl -pie 's/../../g' file

This works for the cases where I use sed. If things get more complicated I write a small python script.

BTW, I switched to No Shell-Scripting

  • Well that's great for substitution, but how would you do other sed stuff in Perl? like for example /delete this line/ d – wjandrea Nov 26 '18 at 15:34
  • 1
    The most promising thing I found after a quick search is s2p (sed to Perl), though I just tried it and the output was VERY verbose. – wjandrea Nov 26 '18 at 16:00
  • 1
    @wjandrea I updated the answer: "This works for the cases where I use sed. If things get more complicated I write a small python script." – guettli Nov 27 '18 at 8:06
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    @wjandrea: perl -ne 'print unless /delete this line/' – Adrian Pronk Mar 18 '20 at 1:05

In the case of GNU Sed, the stated reason appears to be

I was afraid it fell into one of those 'cracks'...though from what was said at the time, some part of the work was already done and it looked like a matter of docs and packaging... (though, I admit, in Computer Sci, the last 10% of the work often takes 90% of the time...

See GNU bug report logs - #22801 status on committed change: upgrading 'sed' RE's to include perlRE syntax - or search the sed-devel Archives for "PCRE" if you want more details.

Don't forget you can use perl itself for many of the simple one-liners for which you might want to use PCRE in sed.


Personally I found it easier to do in Python than Perl or Sed.

cat file \
| python3 -c 'import sys, re; s = sys.stdin.read(); s=re.sub(r"regex", "replace string", s); print(s);' \
| sudo tee file

full example

# add quay and docker registries to approved cri-o registries
cat /etc/crio/crio.conf \
| python3 -c 'import sys, re; s = sys.stdin.read(); s=re.sub(r"#registries\s+\=\s+\[\n#\s+\]", "registries = [\"docker.io\",\"quay.io\"]", s); print(s);' \
| sudo tee /etc/crio/crio.conf

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