I just install or try the Ubuntu 18.04 desktop amd64 on my Acer Inspire S3 . When I use the (in ms windows = file manager) to copy files, ubuntu18.04 does not recognise my laptop touchpad's Right or Left buttons.

Does not show up the [copy/paste/move/...] menu after pressing the touchpad Right button. There is no way to copy and paste files.

I have to use Ubuntu 16.04 and it works perfectly or I have to plug an external USB mouse and it also works fine.

I think the ubuntu18.04 desktop amd64 touchpad driver does not support Acer S3 Laptop.

Please give me suggestions to resolve this issue.


It is not driver issue but default touchpad settings. Go to Mouse and Touchpad in Settings. Increase touchpad speed and disable Natural scrolling.

You need to install gnome-tweaks.

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

You can change default behavior. You need to change settings from Keyboard & mouse >> Mouse Click Emulations >> Area

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