I tried to create a Windows 10 USB boot medium with WoeUSB. I formatted a USB drive with an NTFS partition, but WoeUSB complains with:

Installation failed!  
Exit code: 256   
Mounting source filesystem...  
Wiping all existing partition table and filesystem signatures in /dev/sdc... wipefs:
error: /dev/sdc: probing initialization failed The command "wipefs --all 
"${target_device}"" failed with exit status "1", program is prematurely aborted   
Unmounting and removing "/medi/woeusb_source_1530017199_18199"...  
You may now safely detach the target device


 wipefs: WARNING: /dev/sdc: appears to contain 'dos' partition table

Start wousb from command line:

sudo woeusb --partition Win10_1803_EnglishInternational_x64.iso /dev/sdc1

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