Is there a way to close open windows directly from Alt+Tab view? Or is there any talk of this feature being included possibly in the future?

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You can first press back quote while holding the Alt to emphasise the window in the selector and then press F4 again while holding Alt to close the selected window.

You can not close a window while switching with Alt+Tab because it shows a group of windows, not just one window.

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  • This is what I have been doing. Do you know if there are any plans to include a feature to close a window in ALT+TAB in the future, like in OSX – opasnost Feb 17 '12 at 17:51

Some things have changed on GNOME since 2012, so Scarlet's answer does not work exactly as described anymore. Alt+Tab now shows window previous from the current workspace, while Super+Tab shows grouped application previews from all workspaces. Individual windows of an application can be accessed from Super+Tab by pressing ` (the key above Tab) while holding down Super. Also see this Unix & Linux question for the difference between Alt+Tab and Super+Tab.

On recent Ubuntu versions, you can press Alt+Tab and then F4 or W while holding down Alt on the selected window to close it.

You can also do the same from the Super+Tab view, but you must first enter the windows subgroup and select the window you wish to close with `. Then press F4 or W while holding down Super on the selected window to close it.

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