I'm using MAAS 2.3.3 with Juju 2.3.8 on Ubuntu 16.04.4.

I want to add multiple images (boot-resources) to MAAS of the same operating system, in my case these are different Windows 10 images I created. When I add a boot resource in MAAS, I have to use a name, like "windows/win10" and as far as I understand Juju later uses these names for finding the right OS/image for the supported series of a charm, so when there is an series entry like "win10" in the "metadata.yaml" file of the charm, Juju deploys the OS with the name "win10" from MAAS.

So now I want to have a second Windows 10 image added to MAAS, let's say with the name "windows/win10v2". How can I deploy a charm and use that image? I tried editing the "metadata.yaml" file and adding the series "win10v2" and then deploying a charm with

juju deploy <path-to-charm> --series win10v2

This resulted in the following error:

ERROR cannot add application "noop": unknown OS for series: "win10v2"

Why is the OS unknown? Shouldn't MAAS know which OS/image I mean? Or didn't I understand the whole naming thing in MAAS/Juju? I think the documentation about the naming parameter isn't very comprehensive, neither in the MAAS nor Juju documentation, so I may have missed something there.

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