I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 for 3 weeks right now, and I don't have much knowledge installing apps and adding ppa sources.
I was searching for some equalizer software and it ends up by finding PulseEffects, but I don't find anywhere how to install it on Ubuntu 18.04.

Could anybody help me and show me step by step the installation procedure?

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Installing PulseEffects

Ubuntu 18.04

These describtion is taken from how-to install PulseEffects on Ubuntu 18.04.

Open a terminal and type

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mikhailnov/pulseeffects -y
sudo apt update
sudo apt install pulseeffects --install-recommends

But be aware, these is 3rd party software.

Ubuntu 19.10 and Newer

Maintained inside Debian main repository by hosiet.

To install pulseeffects on latest Ubuntu systems, run:

sudo apt install pulseeffects
  • Note that the repo advises to only use with pulseaudio --version > 12 and if you have a lower version to also install pulseaudio from their PPA using sudo apt install pulseeffects pulseaudio --install-recommends
    – lucidbrot
    Jul 20, 2020 at 8:39
  • 1
    You are right for Ubuntu 18, will correct it. Ubuntu 20 has already pulseaudio 13.99.1.
    – abu_bua
    Jul 20, 2020 at 10:32

From OMG Ubuntu:

PulseEffects is a Powerful GTK Audio Effects & Equalizer App for Linux

Pulse Effects Main Window.png

It is possible to install PulseEffects on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above, but there are a few caveats involved.

The latest version of PulseEffects is not (that I can find) yet packaged for Ubuntu. If you want to run the very latest build you will need to download the source code from Github and manually compile it.

An older version of the app is available via an engorged third-party GNOME 3 PPA. As this personal package archive is chock-full of other apps, themes and libraries I recommend only downloading the PulseEffects package itself directly, rather than adding the PPA to your software sources.

Update: The app is now available as a Flatpak app via Flathub.

Note: visit the OMG Ubuntu article in the topmost link for more details, including direct downloads.


This is an older version of pulseeffects which I happen to like:


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yunnxx/gnome3
sudo apt update
sudo apt install pulseeffects

Pulseeffects is also available in flatpack.

sudo flatpak install flathub com.github.wwmm.pulseeffects


You can run the following command on your terminal:

sudo apt-get install pulseeffects

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