I have Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 in dual boot. I have allocated 15Gb of free space (shrank the Windows partition) which I'd like to add to my Ubuntu partition. So now it's allocated like this: Windows - 15 Gb of unallocated space - Ubuntu. I run Ubuntu from Live USB and launch gparted to try to merge that unallocated space to my Ubuntu partition but I get a message that says:

You have queued an operation to move the start sector of partition /dev/sda5. Failure to boot is most likely to occur if you move the GNU/Linux partition containing /boot, or if you move the Windows system partition C:. You can learn how to repair the boot configuration in the GParted FAQ. http://gparted.org/faq.php

Moving a partition might take a very long time to apply.

So, uh, is there a way to somehow avoid meddling with GRUB and add that free space to my current partition? If no, then will just following the instructions from the provided FAQ be enough for everything to work properly?



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