After facing issues with nvidia 396, I wanted to move back to nvidia 390 on Ubuntu 18.04. I purged nvidia from the system, moving back to the default xorg driver.

I then added the repository ($ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa ), and tried to install 390 by

$ sudo apt install nvidia-driver-390

However, this is also installing nvidia 396 on my machine. How can I install 390?


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Solved. What was happening was that another ppa was interfering and the download was taking place from that repo.

It was the System76 Pop repository. I removed it from Software and Updates.

After that, running

$ sudo apt install nvidia-driver-390

installs the 390 driver as expected.


Ok, as of now many of the bugs related to this issue (NVIDIA Graphics) have been fixed and the installation procedure is fairly easy.

1.Entering Grub Boot Parameters - This can be done by going to the grub menu at boot (press Esc or Shit at boot) here press e.
2. Enabling Text Mode Booting - Here add a 3 after quiet splash and press F10 to reboot using the new parameters.
3. Purge NVIDIA- Now login to the text only mode, and purge all the NVIDIA drivers completely using the sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia*, and reboot. While rebooting follow step 1, here edit the parameters and add the command nomodeset before qiet splash, and press F10 to reboot the using the new parameters.
4. Installing Nvidia Drivers- once in the system run commands in the terminal sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade now.

  1. Add the drivers repository to Ubuntu, run the commands sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa and sudo apt update.
    Now, do not update graphic drivers via the terminal, instead search for Software & Updates in the Ubuntu GUI. here go to the additional drivers tab. Here you will find the set of NVIDIA drivers for your system. select the nvidia-drivers-390 or use nvidia-driver-415 i think that one is the latest. (Make sure that you do not select or keep selection in Using X.Org X server - selection)
  2. The installation will take a while once the installation is complete, reboot the system.
  3. Now it isn't necessary to add nomodeset to boot parameters, the Ubuntu Os should boot properly and without any error.
  4. If you have added nomodeset parameters to Grub, remove it in this step and keep the quiet splash parameter alone.(or else nvidia driver wont load)
  5. Once you have completed the login, enter the Ubuntu desktop, search for the NVIDIA Xserver application, to monitior the nvidia GPU.

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