MAAS 2.4 is based on Ubuntu 18.04.

  • I have both my master and nodes, connect to the public network and private network.

  • My router provides DHCP on (Public Network, Gateway, DNS

  • MAAS master provide DHCP on (Private Network)

Now, I can commission, deploy Ubuntu 18.04 and SSH to my nodes. But, my nodes can not automatically connect to the public network, I find that all the requests are directed to the private network ( is my MAAS master).

I must run this command on my nodes to access to the public network:

sh route add default gw 

Every time when I reboot my nodes, I have to run that command.

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what is the gw on your 10.0.0.x network used for ? As declaring a gw on both interface will create 2 routes for on your machines.

Try to remove the gw on the 10.0.0.x network and this should work. If you need to reach specific network via the 10.0.0.x then create the static routes for them.



I have solved that problem by:

    sudo maas login username
    maas username interface set-default-gateway nodeID TheInterfaceID

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