First of all sorry for my rough English I will try my best.

I have a notebook with a Ubuntu Server 16.04.3 with Clonezilla DRBL, this notebook serves as a mobile cloning server, I can take it with me and either save images from clients or restore them which is nice.

My problem is the following, I'm trying to clone a little machine that serves a specific purpose so it doesn't need to be great. It has Lubuntu 13.10 and an i686 CPU, while my notebook with ubuntu server has a x86-64 CPU architecture.

When I try to save/clone that machine through LAN with the DRBL server I get the following error: 'This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU.'

I guess that there is no apparent way to solve this apart from the Virtualization option in the BIOS which I don't have in my client.

The question is, is there a way to either solve this from the server to allow the cloning of i686 CPU architectures or how could I save an imagine in that notebook with Clonezilla that there is already installed in the server, I can use a carry disk to connect the HDD connected to the client PC through USB, but at least I don't see any option in the DCS menu to do this, apparently that part is only for Remote save & restore.

I appreciate any help.

Best Regards.

EDIT// I'm using dd if=/dev/sdx of=/home/partimg/img_folder/date_img-name.img bs=1M To make this quick because I need this done but it would be really nice to have a workaround to be able to do this over LAN with DRBL, maybe there is an easy or kinda easy way, maybe installing a second i686 Kernel in my laptop and booting with that Kernel?.

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