I recently switched to Ubuntu from Windows 10. I used to rely heavily on MS Outlook, and still do, and I want something similar in Ubuntu.

I need an alternative that provides/supports/integrates (not sure what the appropriate word is) email, contacts and calendars. Tasklist also would be ideal but is not necessary.

I've been using Mailspring and KOrganizer, and while they're brilliant individually, I want something that combines everything under one roof.



Thunderbird with the lightning extension provides a single application for managing emails, calendars and tasks:

sudo apt-get install thunderbird xul-ext-lightning

You can then install more add-ons, for instance:

  • Provider for Google Calendar : to sync with your google calendar.
  • Exchange calendar : to sync with MS outlook servers (this version is working fine).

You may have a look at the Evolution Ubuntu featured mail client, with calendar, tasks, contacts and so.

- Have the look and feel of Outlook
- It can import your Outlook PST data file
- Can also connect to Ms Exchange server

Install from Software-Center or from command line

apt-get install -y evolution

enter image description here


Did you try Prospect Mail ?

This has been considered as Unofficial Outlook 365 Client on Ubuntu. See more details here: https://snapcraft.io/prospect-mail

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd


sudo snap install prospect-mail
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    after using thunderbird for a week or so i took a look at prospect mail. it seems like its just a thin client on the outlook web UI. its perfect, fast and easy, dark mode, everything works. you can tell its not a standalone app but if you have a good connection its barely noticeable. once I looked at resource monitor and saw 5 GB of memory free up after i closed thunderbird my mind was made up. – Jason Witty Apr 16 at 0:33

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