I have to fill a pdf form in Hebrew. The original file seems to be created in Windows.
I open the pdf in LibreOffice (Version: and it reverses order of letters.
The language of the document is set to Hebrew, it does not help.
Moreover, if I guess what was the field to fill in and write something there, exporting to pdf back keeps the letters reversed!

Is this a bug in LibreOffice?

I tried to install Master PDF Editor. It opens the file correctly. However, when I try to write in Hebrew, it says the current font does not have these symbols and non-commercial version does not allow changing fonts.

How can I fill in my form?

UPD: Here is relevant bug report with 8 duplicates, first of which opened in 2014.

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I think it is a bug in LibreOffice. I found a workaround. Maybe it will useful for somebody.

  • Open the original pdf in LibreOffice. The letters are reversed.
  • Export the reversed file to pdf (File-> Export as PDF…) and save under different name. Now Document Viewer shows letters in reversed order, but LibreOffice shows the file correctly.
  • Edit the reversed PDF in LibreOffice.
  • Finally, export the reversed file to PDF format. Check with Document Viewer that file looks OK.
  • This was a complete definition of "modern problems require modern solutions"! However, it may fail during this process for some of the text boxes.
    – Ali Tou
    Dec 19, 2020 at 21:40

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