My work calendar is available at https://username:password@example.org/caldav.php/username/calendar (example, but results are same with valid creds).

The new Calendar in Bionic looks great, and syncs well with other services, so I'd like to have my work calendar integrated to the view at top of screen in default Gnome 3.28.1

If I try to add it:

  • In Gnome Calendar, I select "Calendars"
  • I click "Add" > "From Web ..."
  • I enter the valid calendar URL and creds (eg https://username:password@example.org/caldav.php/username/calendar)
  • A progress bar shows briefly behind the URL text entry field
  • The "Add" button remains greyed out / without text

it looks the same with valid credentials 😜

How else can I add my CalDav work calendar to my desktop environment?

I can access the calendar using curl with the same URL or curl --user username:password (ie Basic Auth).

  • I see suggestions in the linked Debian issue that installing Evolution might be one method. I'm asking because I don't want to have many calendar systems installed to make the default desktop environment work, and if there's a way to add calendars by editing ~/.config/ or similar, that appeals more than "Install some other, larger PIM suite". Thanks! – Chris Burgess Jun 17 '18 at 18:45

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