I have been setting up some old university computers and I need the CPU specifications.

But what is weird is that the result from lscpu and the info on the AMD website are different.

On the website, it says that AMD FX8350 is 8 cores, 8 threads. However lscpu shows me that FX8350 does have 8 cores, but 2 threads/core => 16 in total!

What's more is that lscpu shows 4 cores per socket, but only one socket.

Does this means lscpu is not reliable or am I misunderstanding something?

lscpu output:

lscpu output


In my opinion, lscpu is correct. The screenshot states 2 threads per core, 4 cores per socket and 1 socket. 2 X 4 X 1 = 8 CPU(s). I don't see how you get to 16.

AMD's claim the FX8350 is an "Eight-Core Processor" is controversial. They describe it has having 8 cores, but only 4 modules. For example, it only has 4 FPUs (floating point units), each shared by two threads.

The reddit user bridgmanAMD who works on linux drivers for AMD states:

IIRC the reason SW treats it as 4 cores with hyper-threading was because we asked to have it done that way - was the most practical way to get the OS to allocate threads optimally, ie spreading them across modules first and only putting two threads on a module after all four modules already had a first thread.

  • Thanks, that explains really well enough. Yeah, where confused me is that AMD claimed it's 8 cores processor, lscpu says it has 2 threads/core, so I came up with 16 hyper threads in total. – JJuiz Jun 18 '18 at 19:26

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